Fin.es team brings with it decades of accumulated experience in the high end financial technology solutions, which allows our customers to receive quick, professional answers, assistance and guidance in favor of the best solution method for them.

Smart & Advanced

Our platform provides the ability to configure and make adjustments to company policy independently and without the need for additional development. Within a few working days you can start working with the system without the need for complex integration and without dependence on other systems in the organization.


Our platform provides a variety of solutions and models that allow the organization to gather all needs into one, integrative and smart system. Requests module, management and analysis module, smart CRM module, document management, customer and partner portals and advanced calculation engines. Everything in one place without the need for additional integration.

Built To Scale

The Fin.es cloud-based platform solutions will accelerate integration across your value chain and expand business value via a digital ecosystem that you control.

Achieving The Highest Accuracy

Improve performance, reduce defaults, and reduce underwriting time dramatically

Cloud Based

The platform infrastructures are cloud-based and do not require local installation. At the same time, in the advanced architecture we built, there is separation in the databases of each client and in the storage. Our architecture generates redundancy and business continuity (BCP/DRP) in a built-in way.

Geo Diversification

Our digital system is multi language & multi currency.
It allow you to implement the country regulations

Easy To Use

Fin.es provides flexible and easy to use software solutions for the commercial real estate debt market whether you are a property investor, or lender.

Enable Digital Transformation

Fin.es tech solutions will increase your business, optimize your IT landscape and accelerate your company digital transformation within a weeks instead of years

Reduce Dramatically The Potential Of Investing In Non-Performaing Loan


Advanced Ranking And Scoring Engine

A sophisticated ranking and scoring engine based on smart algorithms and insights from several AI models allow you to adjust and build the investment policy independently in the system.The tool also allows real-time score analysis and simulations for additional templates.

Credit & Risk Decisioning

Fast & Customizable AI-powered decisioning that improves assessment precision

Complete & Accurate Automated regulatory compliance for AML, KYB and fraud detection enabled by real-time data sources that delivers accurate results within seconds.



If you have experience in real estate, complex transaction analysis, financial understanding, organizational ability and independent study – you are welcome to submit a resume. We are looking for someone who knows how to work with computer applications, analyze financial statements, analyze appraisal reports and examine transactions.
Good command of the English language (reading, writing, speaking) – is a basic condition for working in a company.

Office Secretary

The company is looking to add a company secretary to its ranks. The job requires familiarity with computer software and word processor (Office365), order and organization, overall responsibility for all administrative activities under the office manager, answering phones, organizing meetings and so on.
Good command of the English language (reading, writing, speaking) – is a basic condition for working in a company.

Front – End Developer

Familiarity with development languages such as Angular 10+, HTML5, css,java scripts, bootstrap. Working with API, independent / autodedact learning ability. Familiarity with cloud computing (azure) is an advantage. Work with databases such as sql server, and irrelevant databases. Familiarity with working with different browsers, setting up field validations including advanced test functions.
Good command of the English language (reading, writing, speaking) – is a basic condition for working in a company.

Send cv : jobs@finescapital.com